The Wonderful World of Podcasts

Barry Ian Thomson
Barry Ian Thomson

Chatting with friends recently I was made aware that it was now more than a decade since I had attained my business degree majoring in marketing. It was this conversation that proved the catalyst for me to assess my knowledge of current marketing issues and techniques. My assessment has led to me signing up to a Digital Marketing Diploma course (an area of marketing that has been transformed since I graduated!) and has seen me take a great interest in marketing blogs and podcasts.

I’ve long been a fan of podcasts, particularly those about cinema, photography and football – ones I can enjoy on the daily commute. Something I hadn’t really given a chance were business-related podcasts. But, with my diploma in mind, I am now eager to seek out good quality information that will keep my up-to-date with all the key trends and issues affecting digital marketing in all its forms.

A quick search in iTunes and I found a number of podcasts that immediately piqued my interest. While I really do enjoy reading books and having that physical connection, there are undoubtedly some huge advantages of podcasts over books if you want to learn about a subject. Firstly, and importantly for me, you can’t read a book while driving to work! Secondly you can listen to podcasts for free, if you don’t like it then all you have lost is your time. Whereas books cost money whether they are good or bad! Thirdly, podcasts are an instant medium unlike books which take months to be written and published. This means that a 6-month-old podcast could be more relevant than a book published today. Finally, as a slow reader I find I can consume a lot more information quickly by listening rather than reading.

So, while I definitely won’t be putting the books down for good, I am definitely a new convert to wonderful world of podcasts.

In future posts, I’ll be sharing some tips on the podcasts I have been listening to and the lessons I have learned.


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