The Premier League Unveils New Brand Identity

The Premier League Unveils New Brand Identity

The Premier League today unveiled its new look brand identity for season 2016/17 onwards.  The league body had previously announced that it would not be seeking a new title sponsor to replace Barclays whose sponsorship of the world’s most watched soccer league finishes this season.

PL Brand Identity

PL App Icon

From the 2016/17 season, the league will simply be known as the Premier League. The new identity includes a re-imagining of the lion motif that has been included in previous incarnations of the logo. Perhaps the most striking difference is, however, the use of bold magenta, lime green and cyan colours along with the lion motif.  This modern look is in stark contrast to some of the more antiquated league badges around the world which adopt heraldic overtones.

The bold designs are the combined efforts of DesignStudio and Robin Brand Consultants.

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‘Sexist’ FA Tweet branded “unacceptable”

Barry Ian Thomson
Barry Ian Thomson

The criticism surrounding the FA’s tweet about the England women’s World Cup team continues to rumble on.

Today, as reported on the Marketing Magazine website, Roisin Donnelly, brand director for P&G Northern Europe called the tweet “unacceptable.”

If you missed it (where have you been?), the official FA twitter account posted the following tweet which has been roundly criticised for being sexist. The tweet was in response to the England team’s return home after a hugely impressive performance at the Women’s World Cup in Canada. Many of the objections on Twitter reflected that similar comments would not be made about the male team returning to different roles after a World Cup.

FA Tweet

Donnelly, speaking at the launch of a new Always “Like a Girl” campaign commented that advertisers had a “huge responsibility” to deliver positive messages to female customers.

This episode highlights the dangers of social media and the damage that can be done regardless of how well-intended an organisation may be.


Barclays Premier League Twitter Followers: A Global Perspective

Twitter Reveals Barclays Premier League Allegiances Across the World

twitter map

The Barclays Premier League is often labelled as “the best” football league in the world, a notion that is reflected by the huge TV broadcast deals it generates.

The boffins at Twitter have created a visual map of where the followers of all 20 Premier League clubs come from, country-by-country across the globe. To use the interactive map click here:

In the United Kingdom the breakdown of Twitter followers looks like this:

Best Social Media Campaigns

Barry Ian Thomson
Barry Ian Thomson

For those that may have missed it, social media gurus Postano compiled a summary of the best social media campaigns of 2013. The list highlights the variety of excellent campaigns, each using a particular social media channel to great effect whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. While the Oreo – Superbowl ‘Blackout’ campaign grabbed a lot of headlines (on both sides of the Atlantic), my favourite remains the Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign which not only garnered a huge amount of views and shares, but also led to more than 1,800 blog articles and many mainstream press articles, and therefore reached a non-social-media-savvy audience too.

To read the full article by Alan Cassinelli, Content Marketing Specialist for Postano, follow this link